Canon Home/Office Printer Services

Canon Home/Office Printers

Fast and efficient, Canon’s Home/Office Printers collection ranks among the top performers. The printers are all amazingly well-built and deliver immaculate quality for crisp mono and color documents as well as superb photo output. No matter the demand, Canon’s extensive line of home/office printers offers high-quality and cost-effective printing for a wide range of needs. 

Canon’s home/office printer’s large paper capacity is capable of holding up to 500 sheets of paper or one full ream. Combined with fast printout speeds and high ink yields, it allows users to easily cut back on printing costs and maintain fewer cartridge changes. An added bonus is that the printers are compact giving you all the functionality in the tiniest space. It supports Wi-fi and Bluetooth too.

Canon Home/Office Printer Models

Canon MAXIFY GX7020 Wireless MegaTank Small Office All-in-One Printer

Exclusive Features
Print, copy, scan, and fax
Scan 2-sided documents in just one single pass
Small footprint to fit your workspace

Canon MAXIFY GX6020 Wireless MegaTank Small Office All-in-One Printer

Exclusive Features
Print up to 6,000 Black / 14,000 Color pages on just a single set of ink
Easy setup for smartphone and computer
250-Sheet bottom cassette and a 100-Sheet rear tray

Canon MAXIFY iB4120

Exclusive Features
High page yield
Low Cost per Print
500 Sheet Paper Capacity

Canon MAXIFY MB2120

Exclusive Features
250 Sheet paper cassette
High page yield
Low Cost per Print

Canon MAXIFY MB5020

Exclusive Features
High page yield
Low cost per print
Fast printing speed

Problems With Canon Home/Office Printers

Having your own home/office Canon printer has countless benefits. But it can break down once in a while if not maintained properly. Some of the most common Canon home/office printer problems that you may experience are -

Printer is running slow

You can fix this problem by changing the print quality in printer settings. If the problem still persists, you’ll need the help of professionals.

Printer is printing faded colors

It is possible that your ink has dried and needs to be replaced.

Blank sheet appearing after every printed document

This is because the printer driver is outdated or corrupted.

Colors are missing from prints

There could be many reasons behind this problem. Before changing the cartridge, check it once with the printer repair experts.

General Questions

From the power supply to a broken connection with the computer, anything can be a reason. For a quick service contact us.

 Poor printing quality can result from poor ink or paper quality, or your Canon printer needs its due maintenance.

Yes, we can set up your office printers.

In offices generally the volume of printing is high, so you should go for the laser Canon printers.

Generally, we print low in volume, so a Canon inkjet printer will suit you best.

 It can happen due to multiple errors. Try rebooting your printer first. If the problem is not solved, contact us for support.

Yes. You can either use a voltage stabilizer or don’t use a Canon printer when experiencing voltage fluctuations.

Yes, you can change it by yourself. But feel free to contact us for any assistance.

Get Personalized Printer Repair Services With Us

If you’re at your wit’s end dealing with unexplained errors from your Canon laser printers, let our experts take the stress off your shoulders and get your printers back into working condition in no time.

We specialize in fast, affordable Canon printer repairs for homes and businesses throughout the US. You can opt for an in-store repair service or request an online repair, according to your needs. Our experts can service and repair all varieties and models of Canon printers quickly, without any waiting time.

Call us and get your Canon printers fixed at a reasonable price!