Canon Black & White Laser Printer Services

Canon Black & White Laser Printer

Cannon has built black & white laser printers to print images and text from computers, controlled by a single beam and a single ink. Its unique process of printing affects the functions, image quality, and speed of printing. Canon has been designing these printers for both home and office usage to handle a high range of black and white printing demands.

Canon black and whiter printers use only a single cartridge which makes them cheaper at cost. Due to its single cartage, it requires minimal maintenance unlike colored printers with four cartridges. Cannon built these printers mainly for business purposes to give us maximum printing experience. These printers benefit you with a low cost per page.

Canon Black & White Laser Printers

Canon imageCLASS MF455dw

Exclusive Features
Confidential security in short-term memory.
One-touch button for Application Library Platforms.
Supports cloud storage to scan or print document

Canon imageCLASS X MF1238 II

Exclusive Features
Smartphone-like touchscreen
Single-pass feeders scan
uniFLOW Online security features in cloud-based tasks.

Canon image CLASS LBP236dw

Exclusive Features
Workflow efficiency with mobile printing.
All in one, low-cost high-capacity cartridge
Prints as fast as
5.4 seconds.

Canon imageCLASS X LBP1238

Exclusive Features
Single touch button for key functions.
Low melting point toner + fusing technologies for less power.
Cut down supply
costs with a single

Canon imageCLASS X MF1643i II

Exclusive Features
Scanned files convert into Searchable and Compression PDF.
imageWARE Enterprise Management Console in controlling Canon printer fleet.
Intuitive animations for replacement of consumables.

Problems With Canon Black & White Laser Printers

Canon black & white laser printers are no different from any other technical device. Despite careful maintenance and use, even the best model can sometimes have performance issues. Some of the major issues with black and white canon printers are as follows:

Paper Jams

Paper jamming is one of the common black and white canon printer issues. Primary causes are dust, grime, worn rollers, and incorrect paperweight.

Poor/faded print quality

This can be caused due to low toner settings of print density, or some other errors in printer settings.

Skewed images/Wrinkled paper

This happens often due to a fault in the paper tray.

No toner/low toner warning

These warning error messages are often unreliable. Flashing and beeping indications may appear even after installing a new toner.

General Questions

Yes, it can scan in color if you set the settings right.

Yes! These types of Canon printers are specially made to handle printing large volumes.

Yes, you can connect multiple computers by USB or Wi-Fi.

Yes, you can but remember the ink dust is toxic. So you should take proper precautions while doing it or contact our experts.

This can happen if your Canon printer is experiencing low ink levels or it has accumulated dirt in its printing heads.

You need to do this very carefully while using a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol or hot water.

You can opt for good quality paper and keep your Canon printer dust-free to avoid paper jams.

This can occur due to various reasons. You should look for expert support to avoid further worsening the situation.

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With over three decades of handling printers, our professionals are trained to keep your printers at the best performance. You can opt for an in-store repair or request an online repair to our service. Whether it be an upgrade or maintenance service under a fixed price, Canon Online Service and Repair Portal can guide you with raising your request. 

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